Antique Oil Painting ‘Waiting for Papa’ signed G Turner


G Turner 1880 -1910:  Beautiful painting of a boy and girl waiting for Papa from fishing trip. The beach scene if beautifully composed by the artist, with boats and cottages in the background captured wonderfully.
“Waiting for Papa” by George Turner (1880-1910)
Title: Waiting for Papa (c. 1880-1910)
Artist: George Turner (1843-1910)


“Waiting for Papa” by George Turner (1880-1910)
Title: Waiting for Papa (c. 1880-1910)
Artist: George Turner (1843-1910)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
With Frame: 85 cm x 60 cm (33.5 in x 23.5 in)
Painting Only: 73 cm x 46.5 cm (28.5 in x 18.5 in)
This heartwarming oil painting by George Turner depicts a scene of two children, a boy and his teenage sister, eagerly awaiting their father’s return from a fishing trip. The children, dressed in their traditional wear, stand on a beach, their eyes fixed on the horizon. In the distance, fishing boats with colourful details bob gently on the waves, hinting at their father’s successful venture. Nestled on a cliffside in the background are charming cottages, completing the idyllic seaside composition. The scene is beautifully captured, English School and presented in a handsome gilt frame.
The painting signed “G Turner” likely dates around the 1880s based on the artist’s exhibition history. This captivating artwork offers a glimpse into a bygone era and would be a valuable addition to any collection of landscape paintings or maritime art.
Artist Biography:
George Turner (1843-1910) was a prolific landscape painter known for his Derbyshire countryside scenes. Born in Cromford, Derbyshire, he specialises in depicting the beauty of South Derbyshire, the Trent Valley, and North Wales. Several of his paintings are included in the collection of the Derby Art Gallery. While Turner never exhibited in London, he enjoyed considerable popularity within Derbyshire and exhibited frequently at the Derby Art Gallery.
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