Antique Nude drawing of Male- Nude study on Casein paper mounted on board Joe Smedley


Joseph Smedley: Nude study of Man Seated -on Casein paper mounted on board.
Dr Joseph Smedley was born in Nottingham in 1922. The son of a miner, he was to become an exhibitor at the Royal Academy (1984), as well as in Germany and New York. He held an honours degree in fine art.


Joseph Smedley: Nude Study of a Male Seated
This impressive drawing by Dr. Joseph Smedley depicts a standing male nude, showcasing the artist’s exceptional ability to capture the human form with precision and sensitivity. Rendered in pencil on casein paper and mounted on board, this piece highlights Smedley’s mastery of anatomical detail and artistic expression.
Artist: Dr. Joseph Smedley
Medium: Pencil on casein paper, mounted on board
Subject: Seated Nude Male
Image size 19.5 x 16 inches overall.

Dr. Joseph Smedley, born in Nottingham in 1922, was a distinguished artist whose works spanned a wide range of subjects and mediums. From his humble beginnings as a miner’s son, Smedley rose to exhibit his art in renowned venues, including the Royal Academy in London, and galleries in New York and Germany. He held an honours degree in fine art, which is reflected in the meticulous craftsmanship and expressive depth of his works.
This nude study of a standing male exemplifies Smedley’s skill in depicting the human body. The pencil work is precise and detailed, capturing the nuances of the male physique with a keen eye for anatomy. The casein paper provides a unique texture, adding depth and dimension to the drawing. Mounted on board, the piece is presented in a way that enhances its visual impact and durability.
• Exhibitions: Dr. Joseph Smedley’s artworks have been showcased in Lincoln, London (including the Royal Academy), New York, and Germany.
• Collection: Smedley’s extensive collection, which included portraits, abstracts, conceptual works, nude studies, animal studies, architecture, and local studies, was sold a few years ago.
About the Artist:
Dr. Joseph Smedley’s career was marked by his versatility and commitment to his craft. His body of work, ranging from oil paintings to chalk drawings, demonstrates his ability to convey a wide array of subjects with equal skill and sensitivity. Smedley’s contributions to the art world were recognized through numerous exhibitions and accolades, cementing his legacy as a prominent artist of his time.
The drawing is in excellent condition, having been carefully preserved to maintain the integrity of the medium and the clarity of the image.
Please refer to the accompanying photographs for a detailed view of the drawing, as they form an essential part of the description.
This nude study by Dr. Joseph Smedley is a striking example of his artistic talent and understanding of the human form, making it a valuable and captivating addition to any art collection.

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